Öffentliches oder privates Eigentum?

  • In Michael Roberts Blog wird die Frage diskutiert, was öffentliches Eigentum von privatem Eigentum unterscheidet.

    Hier ist meine Antwort:

    What makes public ownership different from private ownership?

    The traditional leftist thinking sees in this the difference between a purpose of production, which is oriented on the commodity value (profit), and another (public) production purpose, which is oriented on use value.

    I think that’s an illusion or a lie.

    Let’s look at the relationship between the working class and the owners of the means of production. In private ownership, workers’ hours are divided into paid work and unpaid work. The work product of unpaid work falls to the private owners.

    In public ownership, workers’ working hours are also divided into paid work and unpaid work. The work product of unpaid work falls to a public manager class.

    This is no longer “privat” capitalism, but it is not socialism either. Above all, the basic ratio remains the same: the wage workers remain wage workers and are exploited. But also the manager class remains bound to the utilization of the value. They produce goods that they sell on the market. All the laws of capitalism remain in principle. Did not we already have that?

    In present England and in present Germany the worker class can study the difference between public and privat ownership, because we actually have both of them. The working condition (wage, working hours etc) show little difference.

    The best we can say is, that the public ownership offers the worker class an friendlier capitalism.

    That offers only a small improvment for the working class, but has to be won against the resistance of the hole capitalist class.

    With public ownership the working class is winning a little bit, the privat owner lose everything.

    Wal Buchenberg, 11.02.2018

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