Michael Roberts über Nordkorea

  • Der von mir geschätzte marxistische Wirtschaftstheoretiker Michael Roberts hat ein diskussionswürdiges Statement zu Nordkorea verfasst.

    Hier ist meine Antwort an Michael:

    "Hi Michael,

    I do not share the view that the success or the benefits of a society can be measured against economic data.

    Fourier states that “the degree of women’s empowerment is the natural measure of general emancipation.” (MEW 19, 196)

    Similarly, one can say that the degree of freedom and self-determination of the working people is the natural measure of universal freedom and self-determination in a society.

    In North Korea both, the women’s emancipation and the status of wage-earners, are miserable.

    I’m glad I do not have to live there.

    Greetings from Wal Buchenberg"